Boy (15) Climbed War Memorial – On Probation for Conduct at Conisbro’

June 1950

South Yorkshire Times June 17, 1950

Boy (15) Climbed War Memorial

On Probation for Conduct at Conisbro’

A fifteen-year-old Conisbrough boy admitted at Doncaster West Riding Juvenile Court on Wednesday that on April 30th he climbed Conisbrough War Memorial and placed wreaths from the foot of the Memorial over the soldier’s head round one arm and between his feet. He was found guilty of  “conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace,” and put on probation for 12 months, on condition that he lived for six months in a hostel at Newcastle.

Police Inspector Schofield said that the prosecution arose after the police had been asked by Conisbrough Urban Council to make enquiries in connection with damage to the Memorial. Investigations had proved that this was due to normal wear, tear and weathering. “This was not the lad’s fault at all,” he said, “because we do know it was intact after he got down.”

It was stated that in 1944 and 1946 the boy had been placed on probation following charges of theft, and that in 1948 he had been found guilty of causing wilful damage to a window and again placed on probation. The Probation Officer said that the boy’s mother was dead.

The Chairman (Mr A. Atherton) told the boy: ” I think you will be truly ashamed of your conduct in Conisbrough in carrying out such disgraceful action with a War Memorial. Probably one day you will remember this if ever we are so unfortunate as to have another war. This Memorial was put up in memory of persons who gave their lives and you go along and desecrate it in this disgraceful state. You think on these things and try to be a better citizen in future.”