Boy Finds Denaby Homing Pigeon Dead In Holland

September 1958

South Yorkshire Times September 27, 1958

Boy Finds Denaby Homing Pigeon Dead In Holland

Mr, A. Mason, of 58, Ravenfield Street, Denaby, lost a pigeon in the race from Pointeres, France (450 miles)on July 20th.

Early this month he received a letter from a 15-years-old Dutch boy, who wrote,

“To-day I found dead a pigeon from you on the Handsboose Seadike with the metal ring 745 ringed in 1955 KEN. N.U.R.P.
The ring I have hold.
With kind regards
from Rob Monsees, Nic Beeskade, 47, Alkmaar, Roesemoer. Holland.

Mr. Mason wrote to Rob and   thanked him for his letter and sent him a gift and this last week he has received a further letter from Rob with the ring enclosed, and a picture of the exact spot on the Handsboose Seadike where he found the bird.

Rob is very pleased with the gift and says he is saving for a “Spyglass” as he is very fond of bird watching.

He apologises for his English, but it is very good for a boy of 15 and he has sent quite an interesting and neighbourly letter in which he starts “Dear Mr. Mason” and closes in friendly style with just “Rob.”