Boy’s Amazing Escape – Unhurt After Being Run Over by Bus at Denaby.

September 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 14 September 1929

Boy’s Amazing Escape.

Unhurt After Being Run Over by Bus at Denaby.

A few yards from the spot where a little girl was killed Tuesday, a four-years-old Denaby boy had an amazing escape from death in Doncaster Road, Denaby, yesterday.

He fell in the path of a bus, but although the vehicle passed over him, the boy was practically unhurt. The boy was Albert Ryan, whose home is 12, George Street, Denaby. He had been on an’ errand to a a shop across the road, and when returning he dashed from behind bus, apparently not seeing another traction bus approaching from the direction of borough. He then fell down in the middle of the road, but had the presence mind to lie still.

The driver of the bus swerved, and applied his brakes to avoid him.

A few seconds later Albert crawled out from beneath the bus, with no greater hurt than a cut on his knee.

The bus did not continue its journey for a few minutes, because the bus conductor had swooned.