Boys On Strike – Lightning Action That May Close Down Conisborough Works.

October 1920

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 15 October 1920

Boys On Strike.

Lightning Action That May Close Down Conisborough Works.

About 100 boys employed by Messrs Kilner Brothers Ltd at their glass bottle works, at Conisborough, have been out on strike this week.

An improvement to machinery was recently made, and the boys stated that, output being lessened and the work being harder, their wages were not so good as before.

So, on Tuesday night they left their work. They have not approached the management in any way since.

The whole of the men in the machine shop numbering over 100 others thrown out of work by the action of these boys. Unless the boys return to work, the whole of the glassworks are to be closed this weekend.

The boys are under 18 years of age, and do not belong to any trade union, so no official negotiations acting.

The men’s union, however, are expected to take a hand in the matter this weekend.