Boys Throwing Stones

July 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times, 22nd July 1892

Boys Throwing Stones

The boys at Denaby who are fond of throwing stones at passing trains had better be warned in time by the fate which has come to a youth at Hexthorpe. He was caught in the act by a police-sergeant, and the result was that the Doncaster magistrates ordered him to be bastinadoed.

Carriage windows have been repeatedly struck while the passenger trains have been running between the colliery and the village houses, as well as while going over the “crossing ” and the damage is serious but there is something more serious than even the smashing of the glass and that is the danger to passengers.

A gentleman once remarked to me, “I was fortunately sitting at the far end of the seat when suddenly the glass opposite was flying in all directions. I should have been seriously injured perhaps blinded—had I been seated next the window.”

Such wanton mischief deserves severe corporal punishment—and that is far better than making fathers pay fines.

Bastinadoed – Punishing by caning the soles of the feet