Brass Fittings Stolen From Cadeby.

January 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 01 January 1932

Brass Fittings Stolen From Cadeby.

For stealing brass fittings valued at £3 17s. from the yard of the Cadeby Colliery, Thomas Rhodes, labourer, employed by the Colliery Company, was at Doncaster on Wednesday fined £1.

The thefts were said to have taken place between March 1st and December 20th, and involved 22 stones of brass boiler fittings which it had been part of Rhodes’s duty to remove to the stores.

When interviewed by the police in connection with the offence Rhodes said “They are all here. I am sorry.’ The fittings were found under the sink in his kitchen.

Rhodes said, “I am very sorry it has occurred. I have worked for the Colliery Company for 30 years but I have never done this before.”