Brave Denaby Girl Rescues two Bathers at St Anne’s

September 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 4, 1936

Brave Denaby Girl Rescues two Bathers at St Anne’s

Miss Gladys Cuttell, a plucky Denaby girl, on Tuesday at St Anne’s, near Blackpool, successfully executed a gallant rescue of two girl bathers, who were in difficulties in the sea. Miss Cuttell is employed as a waitress on the St Anne’s pier and on Tuesday she heard cries from the pier jetty and upon ascertaining that two bathers were in difficulties promptly jumped in fully clothed and rescued them in spite of a strong incoming sea with high waves. She brought them safely to the sands, one girl gripping one of her legs and holding the other by the hand.

The Bathers were suffering from fright, but otherwise they were little the worse for their terrifying experience. They left the sands without revealing their identity.

Those who witnessed the rescue were loud in their praise for the brave act of Miss Cuttell, who is small of structure and is only 21 years of age. She is second daughter of Mr and Mrs Willis Cuttell, of 42, Edlington Street, Denaby Main. Mr Cuttell has been unemployed for three years. Seen on Wednesday morning, Mrs Cuttell had only just heard of her daughters brave deed through a newspaper report. The family are naturally very proud of her action.

Miss Cuttell went to reside at St. Annes about 2 ½ years ago in private service and only within the last few weeks, since her return following illness, has she taken over the position of waitress on the pier. She had her swimming lessons while attending Balby Street school, and was a member of the girl’s team, trained by Miss White, of Denaby Main (now of Goole), who jointly, with the boys of the school, won the swimming gala shield in 1927. She also won a medal and several prizes for individual efforts.