Breach of Colliery Rules

July 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 20, 1907

Breach of Colliery Rules.

James Kelly, miner of Conisborough, was summoned by the Denaby Main colliery company for the breach of colliery rules number 4– defendant pleaded guilty.

Mr Gichard, of Rotherham, appeared for the complainant’s, and said this was a very serious offence; two props had been drawn without being replaced by others. Two very serious consequences might have been the result of such negligence. The first, he stated, it might have resulted in the fall of roof, not only might it have been fatal to himself, but also to his fellow workmen; secondly, it might have resulted in a generation of gases, which is also a great danger to life and limb.

Mr Humphries, a deputy at the colliery, gave evidence to the effect that he visited the working place of the defendant and there saw a space of about 8 feet left untimbered. And the rule states that every three fee shall be timbered, he marked it, and told the defendant to alter it. He went again at 1.40, about two hours after, and still found the place as previously stated.

The bench considered it a very serious offence, and inflicting a fine of 10/– and costs.

Tim Roberts, a filler, of Denaby, was charged by the same company with breaking the colliery rule number 99.

Mr Gichard again appeared for the prosecutors, and in this case he stated the defendant took with him down the pit a pipe containing tobacco.

Defendant, who also pleaded guilty. Had a fine of 10/– and costs to pay.