Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby and Cadeby

June 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 3, 1905

Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby and Cadeby

Leonard Bramley, driver, Mexborough was charged by the Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries Co. Ltd., with having committed a breach of colliery special rule 4.

Minister. W. Gichard, Rotherham, who prosecuted, in opening the case, said the charge consisted of the defendant having done an act in the mine, which was likely to endanger the safety of those in the mine.

The defendant was engaged in the Denaby Main Colliery as a trapper, and also to couple the wagons and carves. They were express instructions that drivers and others should not travel upon the underground road while the rope or endless chain was working, unless by permission of the hanger-on or brakesman.

On May 19 the defendant had proceeded a distance of about 100 yards along the road, in company with two others, one of whom, named Silica, was caught between the full and the empty tubs attached to the rope, and was so injured that he had to have an arm amputated. It was only 12 months ago, Mr Gichard added since another lad lost his life by breaking the same rule.

Henry White a hanger-on, supported this statement of Mr. Gichard

The defendants father appeared and pleaded guilty – a penalty of 20/-, inclusive, was imposed

Robert Peters, driver, Denaby, one of those who was with the defendant at the time of the above occurrence, was summoned for a like offence

Defendant, in reply to the bench, admitted the charge, adding that everybody proceeded along the road while the endless chain was in operation, a similar penalty was inflicted in this case.