Breach of Colliery Rules – Danger of Gob Fire

May 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 5, 1906

Breach of Colliery Rules

A Denaby Main miner name William Anderson was summoned at the instance of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Ltd, for having contravened special rule 4, by doing an act in the Cadeby mine, on 11 April, likely to endanger the safety of other persons in the mine.

Mr WM Gichard, who prosecuted, said the defendant was a market man, and on the day in question he was sent by an official to work along with a man named Lyons, whose mate had not turned up, in stall number 70 in the West district.

The deputy point out to the defendant specifically the work he had to perform. He told him to draw three props from the back row next to the waste, and if the roof came down to proceed immediately to build a pack wall to support the roof. If the roof did not fall he was a draw props from the next row, and so on.

Anderson commence working, and lines went to get some coal into distance away. Half an hour later he returned, found that instead of Anderson or carried out the express instructions of the deputy, he had neglected to do it, and had drawn from the first rows.

The place was rendered safe, and that the defendant by his action had opened out the possibility of a gob fire occurring, which were very serious things indeed.

Eli Croxall all give evidence bearing out this statement and the defendant was fined 20/-and costs.