Breach of Colliery Rules – Dangerous Actions

April 1900

Breach of Colliery Rules – Dangerous Actions

William Stonehouse, of Denaby; Jarvis Walters, fitter: Thomas Sadler, fitter of Mexborough: all youths, were summoned for a breach of special 4.

The case was somewhat peculiar Sadler appeared and pleaded not guilty, Walters and Storehouse did not appear, but the father of the latter was present. Mr W.M.Gichard said that on 21st of March, a Cpl in the mine, in charge of the district, heard a noise which appeared to result from throwing of stones. He went in the direction from which the sound came, and he found the three defendants together. They were throwing stones at a prop, which was supporting the roof will stop in that particular district the roof was very treacherous, and there were numerous falls from it.

There was no doubt that the object of the lads in throwing stones was to bring down a certain quantity of the roof, so as to delay their work. There have been several falls of roof owing to the action of some person, but it was very difficult indeed to trace the act to anyone. But in that instance, where the company could bring a case home to the defendants, the company thought it was a case that ought to merit severe punishment

Harley Whitbread, a Cpl employed in the mine, stated that he saw the defendant throwing stones at the prop. The roof in that portion of the mine was very treacherous, and there have been a number of falls, which prevented men and boys working. If the boys had succeeded in knocking down the prop their work would have been stopped for some little time

The defendant Saddler was ordered to pay a fine of five shillings and 10/10 costs, and the other defendants were each fined 20 shillings, including the costs