Breach of Special Rule at Denaby Main

July 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 26, 1895

Breach of special rule at Denaby Main

Wm. Machin, miner, Denaby, was charged with a breach of special rule 99 at Denaby Main on the 20th inst. by taking matches down the pit.

Mr. Hickmott prosecuted, and said he asked for costs in the case, as it was to have been heard last week but had been adjourned owing to the defendant’s absence. He proceeded to call evidence.

Wm. Lawrence, Cpl at Denaby Main, said that on the 25th June he was instructed to search the men before going down the pit, after having himself been searched.

On the defendants person he found a quantity of loose matches (produced).

Defendant, in answer to the charge, said he didn’t know they were there, and that he had never smoked in his life.

Fined 5s. and costs.

Another Colliery case from Denaby.

Chas. Wright, a youth, employed at Denaby Main, was brought up charged with a breach of special rule 99 at Denaby, in what he did on the 12th July take a tobacco pipe down the Denaby pit.

Mr. Hickmott prosecuted, and charge man named Joseph Whittle proved the case. He had noticed defendant’s waistcoat hanging up, and protruding therefrom a tobacco pipe, produced. The matter was reported.

Fined 5 shillings and costs, or 14 days.