Breach of the Swine Movement Order

February 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 18, 1905

Breach of the Swine Movement Order

A Conisbrough farmer named Charles Cass was summoned for having committed a breach of the Swine Movement Order.

PC Thompson proved the case.

On 7th January the defendant removed some pigs to Doncaster market from his premises, Ferry farm. The licence was delivered up within the proper time but on 24 January the witness visited his premises and found the pigs were not isolated as required by the act.

The defendant said he acted in ignorance and he hoped witness would make no bother about it, and as he had not read the licence.

The defendant now said that he had acted in ignorance. He had no intention of breaking the law.

The chairman said the bench were of the opinion that he had not broken the law intentionally and therefore they would only ordered him to pay up the costs.