Breaches of Colliery Rules at Cadeby

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 25th, 1905.

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Cadeby.

Three Denaby pony drivers were summoned for having committed a breach of special rule 68 by not having attached to the train of corves, ascending an incline road, a drag or back stay.

The first defendant was Frank Wathy.

Sidney John Gregory, under manager in the Cadeby mine, said on the 10th March, he was near to number 81 pass by, when he saw the defendant going up an incline road with a train of corves without a back stay. The gradient was 1 in 15.

A fine of 5s was imposed.

William Atkinson, on the 17th March was found guilty, George Fisher, under deputy in the West Plane taking two full tubs up an incline without a drag.

Defendant was fined 10 shillings.

the other defendant was John Orange and a 5 s fine was imposed.