Breaches of Colliery Rules At Denaby

August 1897

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 04 October 1897

Breaches of Colliery Rules At Denaby.

Richard Chilton, miner, of was summoned before the West Riding Bench this morning for having infringed special rule 101 of the Main Colliery on the 16th September.

Deputy Jonathan Rodgers found the defendant had holed seven yards length, five yards of which was five foot under, and the remaining distance two feet under .

No Spragg and be set, although the rules specified one for each 6 feet.

Defendant who described as a good workman, was let off on the payment of 5s and costs

James Hill, miner, who had inadvertently taken tobacco pipe into the Denaby Main Colliery on the 21st. was fined 2s. 6d. and costs.

George Good who said he had only worked in the pit for three weeks, was ordered to pay five shillings and costs for having been in possession of four Lucifer matters in the same pit on the 28th.