Breaking Doors at Denaby.

September 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 27.

Breaking Doors at Denaby.

Ben Armstrong, colliery worker, living at new Conisborough pleaded not guilty to a summons charging him with having done damage to 2 doors at Conisborough on September 2.

Mr W Baddiley, solicitor, undertook the prosecution on behalf of the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company, who own the property where the damage was done.

Thomas Culligan, 15 Sprotborough Street, said he saw the defendant near a house in Edlington Street, occupied by William Wallace. The defendant broke open the door by pushing his shoulder against it.

Arthur Foster stated that a little later he saw the defendant go around to the front door, and throw stones at it, breaking two panels.

Elizabeth Wallace, who lives in the house, also gave evidence, and Mr H.L.Smethurst, architect, stated that the cost of the damage was 12/6.

The defendant declared that he had never seen the front door in his life, he was at home and in bed long before the time it was said to have been broken. He admitted pushing at the back door, which he said was opened from inside. He was knocked down with a poker as soon as he opened the door.

Inspector Watson asked the defendant if he wished the magistrates to believe that he never saw the front door.

The defendant: Yes; you can go in and see if you can see it if you get some poker as soon as you get in. (Laughter.)

Peter Burke deposed that the defendant was in bed with him at our past eight, when the front door was said to have been broken.

The defendant was found guilty, and ordered to pay the damage, 12/6 and the costs 23 shillings.