Brewer’s Drayman Killed At Conisborough.

January 1902

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 22 January 1902

Brewer’s Drayman Killed At Conisborough.

A brewer’s traveller named William Tomlinson, in the employ Messrs Mappin and Co., Rotherham, was Tuesday night about 5.40 riding in front his dray and driving a pair of horses on the Sheffield Road, Conisborough and going in the direction of Rotherham when met with his death.

Opposite the Conisborough, Cemetery two men who were walking along the road saw him fall off the  dray, and the horses trotted away. They were stopped by a man named Clark, of Conisborough, and deceased was picked up, and when examined by Dr. Craik, was found to be dead, his head being badly crushed.

An inquest will held to-night.