Brief Contests at Denaby Main.

12 December 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 12 December 1931

Brief Contests at Denaby Main.

At the Miners’ Welfare, Denaby Main, last night, Tommy Kelly (Denaby) knocked out Jim Probert (South Elmsali) in the third round. Kelly landed a left to the jaw which shook Probert and followed up with another left. Probert was sent to the hoards.

Young Sharples (Denaby) knocked Young Hepinstall (South Elmsall) in the fourth round. The loser was very game, for he took four counts, each of nine, before the final bout.

Young Logan (Denaby) and Young Tyas (South Elmsali) drew over four rounds.

Tommy Spooner (Mexborough) knocked out A. Charlesworth (South Elmsall) in the second round.

Roland Simpson (Leeds) retired at the end of the third round with a damaged nose to Young Joney (Denaby).