Brief Stoppage – Dispute at Cadeby

May 1957

South Yorkshire Times: Saturday, May 25, 1957

Brief Stoppage.
A Dispute at Cadeby

After a one shift strike and a hurriedly called mass meeting of miners who came out on strike on Tuesday returned to work on Wednesday.

The trouble started on Monday, when about 36 colliers from the Barnsley seam complained to their N.U.M. branch secretary, County Coun. J. Prendergast about the emergency pay – money they are given when they are transferred from their own coalface to a job for which they get less money.

Coun. Prendergast persuaded the men to work on Monday afternoon but on Tuesday afternoon that colliers did not work and the rest of the men in the pit from the Barnsley, Dunsill and Beamshaw seams struck in sympathy.

Mr Prendergast hurriedly called a mass meeting the same night as it was feared the strike might spread to other collieries in the South Yorkshire coalfield.

At the mass meeting Mr Prendergast persuaded the men to return to work in the afternoon shift.