Brigade Delayed By Crossing at Denaby

September 1967

South Yorkshire Times September 9, 1967

Brigade Delayed By Crossing at Denaby

Five young Denaby boys missed tragedy by an hour on Tuesday, when fire swept through their bedroom just before 7 o’clock bedtime.

The boy’s father, Mr Ronald Leonard, took three rest days from his work at Cadeby Colliery last week in order to redecorate the bedrooms at his 21, Annerley Street home.

Soon after 6 o’clock on Tuesday evening, the fire was raging through the bedroom where the five brothers sleep, caused by a spark in the living room chimney. The fire started in the bedroom chimney resting, and spread to a leather sofa nearby.

Firemen delayed by Denaby crossing gates, had to use breathing apparatus to get upstairs.

Mrs. Maureen Leonard, mother of seven, told the South Yorkshire Times, an hour later in the boys would all have been dead. They all sleep together in the bedroom, the firemen told me that they would have certainly suffocated.

“We could not get above the bottom step because of the smoke. All the decoration is ruined, and all this has spoiled our holiday next week.

But, Mrs. Leonard added, “All the neighbours have been really wonderful with offers of help.”