Brighter Denaby

August 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 21 August 1931

Brighter Denaby

Enough has been done on the Memorial Park Denaby to give some of the difference its completion will make to the appearance of Denaby. Some Cumberland turf has been laid to enclose what will eventually be circular flower beds, and that small patch of green already has an effect on the surroundings. One hopes that parents and teachers in Denaby will combine in making the children realise that they are expected to treat their counterpart of Coronation Park as Consiboro’ children use that delightful triangle in the shade of the Castle.

The Brighter Denaby movement has spread. The Denby and Cadeby Miners’ Welfare Trustees have purchased that portion between the Denaby United football ground and Wadworth Street and they intend to carry on the beautifying of Denaby.

The ground has a southern aspect and comprises 1 acre, 1 rood 32 perches. It is intended to maintain the approach to the players ‘ entrance to the stand. At the western end a bowling green is to be laid, whilst the eastern end to be allocated to the Gardening and Horticultural Society. It is presumed that the Society will let off plots to their members, and the Welfare Trustees are considering awarding a prise for the best display. Flowers only will be permitted on the plots. Already the sheds and dilapidated outhouses which “adorned” this ground are disappearing.