Broken Glass

June 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 8, 1907

Broken Glass

Had William N. Wilson, of Conisborough obeyed PC Thompson at Conisborough, on May 20, he would not have been charged with leaving broken glass on the highway.

The evidence showed that defendant, who appeared and pleaded guilty, was carrying a bottle of beer, when he dropped it, and on being requested by PC Thompson to pick it up as it was very dangerous, he refused. A friend, who was with defendant, however, was more discreet, and picked up one or two of the largest pieces.

The bench (to defendant): We will deal leniently with you this time. If you break glass on the highway, you must clear it up, are you are liable to a fine of £5.

You will have to pay the costs 6/6