Broken Promises – Wife Seeks Separation At Doncaster.

September 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 25 September 1911

Broken Promises.

Wife Seeks Separation At Doncaster.

At Doncaster on Saturday, Frederick Guest, horsekeeper, Denaby, was charged with persistent cruelty to his wife Phoebe.

Mr. W. Baddiley, who appeared for complainant, said that on September 24th last year complainant summoned defendant for persistent cruelty, and an order of 10s. a week was made, upon him.

Afterwards defendant approached her several times, and wanted her to go back to him. She declined to return unless he signed a document promising to behave himself in future. He signed this document, and she went back. He conducted himself fairly well for five months, and then he commenced to drink and to threaten her.

A fortnight ago he came home drunk, ran her and her daughter out of the house, and smashed the furniture. The police arrived, and defendant was summoned for drunkenness.

The magistrates made an order of 10s. per week with a separation.