Brothers Run Down – Conisboro’ Man Killed

December 1920

Mexborough times, December 18, 1920.

Brothers Run Down.
Conisboro┬┤ Man Killed.
Motor Lorry Fatality at Thrybergh

Two Irishmen, who lived at Conisborough, were run down by a 4 ton motor lorry on Saturday, at Thrybergh, and one died soon afterwards.

The men were Michael Duffy (30) and Dominick Duffy (21), miners. They were brothers, and lodged in Sheffield Road, Conisborough.

They were walking along the road when they were caught by a motor lorry (belonging to Messrs. Thomas Berry and Co. Sheffield), proceeding towards the city.

Ernest Rumsby, the driver, who lives at Taplin Road, Hillsborough, pulled up at once, and he and his assistant, James Bramhall, rendered all possible help to the sufferers and brought them to the Rotherham hospital.

Domincik was found to be dead on arrival, and the other man was in a critical condition.

Mr W.J.Bradford, the Rotherham Borough coroner, opening the inquest before the jury on Tuesday, at the Rotherham Borough Police Court. He proposed, he said, to adjourn the enquiry until such time as the other injured man was fit to give evidence.

Dominick Rush, a miner, living at Mount Pleasant, Conisbrough, first cousin to deceased, gave evidence of identity. The deceased, he stated, was about 21 years of age and had worked at the Yorkshire Main Colliery, New Edlington.

Dr A.F.Mallon, house surgeonat Rotherham Hospital, said that the deceased was brought to the hospital on the Saturday, and died the same day. His injuries included a cut on the upper lip, a long wound at the back of the head, and a broken rib.

Deceased’s brother was progressing favourably, but it would be probably a month before he would be fit to come and give evidence.

The coroner adjourned the inquest until the brother is able to attend.