Brutal Assault on Conisborough Woman.

January 1888

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 23 January 1888

Brutal Assault on Conisborough Woman.

On Saturday at the West Riding Court, Doncaster, George Bayfield, rag and bone gatherer Conisborough, was charged with assaulting Mary Ann M’Donald, widow, Conisborough, on the l6th January.

The defendant did not appear.

Complainant had been living with defendant as housekeeper, and on the day named he went into the house drunk, and putting some liquor, in a cup, asked her to drink it. Because she refused he threw the contents of the cup in her face, and then struck her in the eye with the cup, and cut it.

She then tapped the wall and the neighbour, Mrs Taylor, came in.

She told Mrs Taylor she was afraid of staying in the house, because she might get murdered. The defendant then said, “Yes, you —-, I will murder you.”

He then struck Mrs Taylor in the breast, and kicked her (complainant) all about in a fearful manner.

She was now black about the body, and had been poorly since.

Mrs Taylor gave corroborative evidence, and Sergeant Noble stated that the man has frequently ill used the woman.

The defendant was committed to prison for a month, and in default of paying the costs, 19s. 6d. was ordered to undergo further term of fourteen days.