‘Brutal Assault.’

July 1946

South Yorkshire Times, July 6th, 1946

Note that the name of the accused has been changed

‘Brutal Assault.’

Levi Thorne (30), unemployed steel worker, of 22, Parkgate Avenue, Conanby, was sent to prison at the Doncaster West Riding Court on Friday for a month for wilfully assaulting his 21-month-old son in a matter likely to cause him unnecessary suffering.

The cruelty was described as a ‘brutal assault.’ Emma Thorne said her husband admitted smacking the child, and when she bathed him the following morning there were bruises on the child’s back.

Thorne pleaded not guilty and said he did not hit the child hard enough to inflict the bruises. He suggested that they had been caused by the child falling from his cot.