Brutal Attack At Mexbro’ ” Feast.”

June 1890

Sheffield Independent – Monday 30 June 1890

Brutal Attack At Mexbro’ ” Feast.”

On Saturday Thomas Rudge, a Denaby Main miner, was charged with having assaulted Jane Foster, of Denaby.

The woman said she was in the Mason’s Arms, at Mexbro’, daring the ” feast,” and the defendant, without saying a word, knocked her down and kicked her, and was just in the act of jumping on her when assistance came.

Cross-examined, she admitted that the man with whom she lived was not her husband, but denied that that was the man who injured her.

Mr. Baddiley, for the defence, called several witnesses, who swore that a man named Hodgson, with whom the complainant lived, committed the assault on her while she was drunk ; that he kicked her so much that she could not move, her face, as well as body, being severely injured.

Mr. Yarborough (chairman) said there was no doubt the woman had been brutally assaulted, but the right man had not been brought .to the court.

The defendant was discharged