Brutal Miner – Savage Attack in Denaby Pit

February 1908

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 26 February 1908

A Brutal Miner
Savage Attack in Denaby Pit

A serious charge of assault arising out of incident the Denaby Colliery, was heard at Doncaster yesterday, before Mr. W. J. Huntriss and other magistrates.

Thomas Bowen, filler, Denaby, was charged with unlawfully wounding another filler, named James Nixon on February 17. Complainant, whose head was bandaged, said on the day named he was working alongside Tom Chapman and the prisoner. About ten o’clock prisoner missed his shovel, and accused witness of having taken it, but he had not seen it, and told him so. Prisoner returned to his work, and after putting a few lumps of coal into the tub he came back to witness, and whilst he was bending down prisoner struck him the left side the face with his lamp.

When he recovered consciousness he was taken to the Fullerton Hospital. The lamp weighed l0lbs.

Thomas Chapman, miner. New Conisbro’, said he heard prisoner say, “You’ve got my shovel, and I’m going to have it.” Prisoner gave him swinging hit with his lamp across the face. Prosecutor was unconscious for two hours, and was covered with blood. Witness thought the man was dead. A man named Mills asked what had done that for, and prisoner, seizing his pick, said he would put it into anyone who touched him.

Dr. J. McArthur, who attended the complainant, said had two incised wounds on the side the head and face, and his lower left jaw was fractured. He was detained in the Fullerton Hospital for week, and his life was in danger for some time.

Prisoner, who had given himself up the police, admitted that he struck the man. He was committed for trial at the Assizes.