Brutal Pony Driver

May 1888

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 14 May 1888

Brutal Pony Driver

Patrick Sullivan, pony driver, Denaby, was summoned for ill treating a pony, by beating it violently with an iron locker, at Denaby, the 27th. ult.

Mr. Hickmott appeared for the Denaby Main Colliery Company.

Defendant pleaded guilty.”

The statement of Mr.”Hickmott and the evidence of the witnesses went show that on the day in question, about eight o’clock night, defendant was driving a pony in the Denaby Main Pit. The pony had just brought a load of full corves from where the colliers were working and defendant attached some empty corves to it to take back again.

Just as the pony was about start defendant kicked it and then drawing the locker out struck the animal two violent blows with it. A man named Newman called out to the defendant and he gave over ill treating the animal.

The poor brute, however, suffered considerably for several days afterwards.

The magistrates said the conduct of defendant was simply brutal. They should fine him 20s. and costs, or one month’s imprisonment.