Bumper Christmas for Old People thanks to Youth Club

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times, January 8 , 1966

Bumper Christmas

Old people in Conisbrough have had a “bumper Christmas” thanks to the younger generation.

At Wednesday’s meeting of the Old People’s Welfare Committee, Mrs A. Jenkinson, Warden of Marchgate old people’s flats, thanked members of the parish church youth club for their Christmas carolling visit, when they distributed presents of tea and biscuits to residents.

“I wish they could have seen their faces of the old people after their visit. I believe this is the first Presence they have had since they have been down there.” Miss E. M. Barwell-Turner, Matron, of Conisbrough hospital, referred to Christmas visits by youth of the church and of local schools.

She added, “The patients have had a bumper Christmas thanks to these visits” but help such as this was not limited to Christmas time, she said.

The children of Morley place school had called every Sunday throughout the year, without exception chairman, Councillor. J Stewart commented “I think we should thank all the youth in the district for their services this Christmas”.