Burcroft Feast and Sport

August 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 26, 1898

Burcroft Feast and Sport

Last Monday evening in a field near the Castle Inn, Conisborough, was held what is locally known as Burcroft Feast and Sports, but a more correct description would be Mr. Taylor’s Feast.

On walking down. I found a large number of people assembled. Messrs. Tom Booth, Councillor Singleton, CH Wood, T Appleyard, and W Proctor, were busily organising some sports.

Owing to the extreme length of the programme a number of the events were postponed until Saturday next.

The Conisborough United Brass Band was present and relieved the proceedings by a choice selection of excellent music. Dancing was kept up until late.

One peculiarity about this feast is the entrance to the field is free, but you have to pay to come out. The money taken goes to pay the band.