Burglary Epidemic

October 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 October 1900

Burglary Epidemic

I am sorry to say that we have had in Conisborough’ several cases of burglary reported during this last month or two. First there was the burglary at the co-operative stores, when the place was entered during the night. and a of money stolen; then, during Race week, a considerable sum of money was stolen front one of the bedrooms at the Station Hotel; and the other Sunday evening a home in Silverwood View was paid a visit ¬†and several articles stolen whilst the husband was at work, and his wife at chapel.

A case of attempted burglary is also reported from March Croft, the thieves being fortunately disturbed before they had effected an entrance. These numerous robberies have been the cause of much discussion, and the prevailing opinion seems to be that they are not the work of strangers. All the details which one hears of these burglaries seems to prove conclusively that they are committed by someone residing in our midst, and who seems to carefully study the habit of the people.

I sincerely wish the scamps who I are doing this kind of thing could be caught. It is disgraceful that one cannot leave his home for an hour or two without being fear of some of these pests paying visits and stealing anything they lay their hands on.