Burial Error

October 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 7, 1898

Burial Error

At the burial of poor Alan Dewhurst on Thursday afternoon last week at the Conisborough cemetery, I am sorry to say that a little late occurred at the graveside, which mean matters very unpleasant indeed.

It appears that through a mistake on someone’s part the grave was not made large enough to receive the rather large coffin, consequently there was a little delay before the coffin will be got into its proper place.

I do not know was to blame for this error, but I do think that the greatest care should be taken to avoid this kind of thing.

We most of us know from experience how sad and heartrending it is to standby the grave which is ready to receive the remains of some dear departed relative or friend, but when the sad proceedings are marred by regrettable incidents of this kind, it only makes matters worse.