Bus Shelter Damage – “Outrageous” Says Conisbrough Alderman

May 1956


South Yorkshire Times May 26, 1956

Bus Shelter Damage
“Outrageous” Says Conisbrough Alderman

Ald. B. Roberts, J. P. told Conisbrough Urban Council on Friday that the damage to the Conanby trolley bus terminus was “outrageous.” His committee had visited the terminus building and Ald. Roberts said that every window was out. If they put the windows in again it would not be long before they were out.

Ald. Roberts said they saw boys doing acrobatics in the building in which the seats were damaged and there were nowhere to sit at all. The clock had also been broken for some time.

Ald. Roberts said the council intended to make the place safe and decent but it would not be as nice as a Council would like to make it because the public would not let them do this. If they put the seats up it would cost five times more than when they were putting.

“It is disgraceful when you see old people walking about there and there is nowhere for them to sit,” Ald. Roberts stated. They could not keep things for the public and he appealed to everyone concerned to report these cases of damage, adding that it was the council’s intentions to be drastic if this continued.

Ald. Roberts also referred to the danger of cycling along the footpath from Tickhill Street to Rossington Street, Denaby Main. The council approved a recommendation that arrangements be made for election of notices prohibiting cycling on the footpath.