Buying a Prisoner’s Confession.

August 1891

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 17 August 1891

Buying a Prisoner’s Confession.

A woman, named Mary Jane Stokes, of Mexborough, was charged at Rotherham this afternoon with having stolen 14s. 9d.. the property of Margaret Haycroft, at Denaby, on the 14th August.

The prosecutrix who lives at Mexborough is employed at the works of the Flameless Explosives Company (Limited), Denaby.

On receiving her wages, she put them in the window of the dressing room, and on returning soon afterwards missed the money. She promised the prisoner a shilling if she would confess to the theft, and the girl then stated she had taken the money. The shilling was duly paid. In the meantime Mrs. Hammond had found the money in the prisoner’s clothing.

Prisoner, who had been previously confined a reformatory school was ordered be imprisoned until the rising of the court