Cadeby Collier Crushed.

August 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 05 August 1911

Cadeby Collier Crushed.

Mr F Allen, the Doncaster District Coroner, conducted an inquest at the Balby Street schools, Denaby, on Saturday afternoon relative to the death of Frank Heppinsall (forum), miner, of New Conisborough, who met his death a day previously at the Cadeby pit.

George Heppinsall, brother of deceased, residing at Commercial Street, Barnsley, identified the body.

John Christmas, miner, of New Conisborough, the deceased mate said he, in company with deceased, entered the mine at 6 o’clock, and two hours after that the accident happened.

The Coroner: How did the accident happen?

Witness said deceased was working in number 15 stall, and started “holing” as soon as he got down the pit.

The Coroner: Did you notice anything peculiar about the coal face? Did you notice any signs of giving? – No, sir.

Witness said the timber sprags were all set, and everything seemingly was in proper order.

The Coroner: What happened about 8 o’clock?

Witness: I was against this pack, and he said: “No man alive can hole this coal.” I came out to get more timber, and 3 to 4 minutes later the slip occurred.

The Coroner: What did he say?

Witness: I heard him shout “Oh!” And when I reached the spot I found the coal on the top of him. I got the coal off him.

The Coroner: How much coal fell in?

Witness: Two tubs fell about a ton, in weight. He was alive when I got him out.

The Coroner: how did you get him out?

Witness: I had to shovel all the coal off in.

Charles Prince, assistant deputy at the Cadeby pit, said he arrived on the scene and rendered first aid. The man died on the way to the office.

A juror (to witness): How far would this pack be from where you were working?

Witness: it is a good pack, and I was on the top side of it. I could see deceased working.

Recalled he said he was about half a mile away in the pit when the accident happened.

The Coroner: Who came for you?

Hepton. He had been got out, and was in an unconscious state. We proceeded to get him out of the pit with Christmas.

Answering Mr Mellors, witness said he examined this place once a day.

Mr Mellors: If anything had happened yesterday morning, would have got to the place first, you or the other man? – No, sir.

Witness said deceased was one of the best men, and kept his work in proper order.

Mr Mellors: If you had been there five minutes before It happened, do you think there would have been anything wrong? – No, sir

The Coroner in summing up said he thought they would all agree that it was one of those common, yet deplorable pit accidents, caused by a slip.

The jury returned a verdict of “accidental death”.