Cadeby, Conisborough, and Denaby – Urban District Recommended.

June 1900

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 09 July 1900

Cadeby, Conisborough, and Denaby.

Urban District Recommended.

The West Riding General Purposes Committee have considered the report the Committee of Inquiry relative to the proposal the Conisborough Pariah Council, for the constitution of parts of the townships Cadeby, Conisborough, and Denaby into an urban district, and for the division of such district into wards.

The committee recommend that an order be made constituting certain parts these places an urban district, under the name of the Conisborough Urban District, with 12 urban district councillors, and for constituting townships as follows, vis., the township of Conisborough to include such portions the existing townships of Cadeby and Conisborough as are included in the said urban district; the township of New Denaby to include such portion of the township of Denaby as comprised the said urban district; the township of Conisborough Park to include such parts of the existing townships of Conisborough as is not included in the said urban district; the township Cadeby include such portion the township of Cadeby is not included in the said urban district, and the township of Denaby to include such portion of the town ship as is not within the urban district.

The inquiry was held cn the 29th and March. It will be within recollection that in June, 1898, two alternative proposals were submitted to the County Council—

(l) A proposal brought forward by the Conisborough Parish Council, and for constituting the township of Cadeby, Conisborough and Denaby or such portions thereof”as might be deemed equitable, an urban district;

(2) an alternative scheme, brought forward by the Denaby Parish Council, supported by the Denaby and Main Collieries Co., and generally the inhabitants what is known the “Denaby Main District,” which comprises the populous portion of the township of Denaby, what is known as New Conisborough also the Cadeby Main Pit, surface works, and other property in the township of Cadeby, for constituting portions of the three townships an urban district, such urban district to include the “Denaby Main District.”

The committee of inquiry reported in favour of the proposal of the Conisborough Parish Council, but on an appeal to the Local Government Board, the order of the County Council was disallowed.

The West Riding General Purposes Committee now report that, after very carefully considering subject, they are of opinion that urban district should created as proposed by the Conisborough Parish Council, and nave doubt whatever that Old Conisborough should be included. It is part of the township of Conisborough, and to exclude it from the urban district would, the committee consider, be unjust and unwise, having regard to the interests of the entire urban district, as well as those of Old Conisborough.

With reference to the portion of Cadeby proposed to be included, the committee agree with the applicants in consider the pit shaft with its surroundings to an integral part of the district. It has brought the workers to the district, and owing the bridge which the company found it necessary fact the river passing through the district becomes immaterial, so far as the miners are concerned. The important consideration, however, clearly the financial one. In the opinion of the committee it is just and fair that the ratable value of the pit with its surroundings, should contribute to the rates the proposed urban district, which is to so great extent the creation of the colliery.

As regards the railway it is certainly fair that the short length in Cadeby should contribute to the rates of the district as the longer length in Conisborough and Denaby. The traffic includes the produce the pit and the railway works include those in connection with the colliery premises.

The committee, having given full consideration to the arguments on both sides, are clearly of opinion that this part should added the township of Conisborough. In view of the school question is important to consider whether the portion of within the proposed urban district should remain a separate township added to the Conisborough township. Having regard to the evidence this point the committee are not at present prepared to recommend this amalgamation. As regards the wards the committee have adjourned the consideration of this matter