Cadeby Disaster – Another Body Recovered – Remainder Expected Race Week.

August 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 31 August 1912

Cadeby Disaster.

Another Body Recovered

Remainder Expected in Race Week.

Recurred recovery and salvage work is proceeding steadily in the Cadeby Main mine, and the rescue teaser since the mishap of Sunday evening been working rate of four days a week, and slow, but sound progress has been made.

On Sunday another body was recovered the mine and removed to the surface.

On Monday afternoon it was identified by two brothers as that of Sam Jackson, aged 30, assistant deputy, of 2, Doncaster Road. Denaby Main, and the jury were called together at ones

Mr. Frank A!len, the District. Coroner, arranged with them that the inquest on Rowell, Jackson and Burns Manvers Main man who was gassed while working at the recovery of bodies) should be deffered to September the in the colliery I manager’s at Cadeby at 3-30 in afternoon.

This adjournment is due a desire on the part of the Coroner that the whole inquiry into the death of these 15 men remaining from the second explosion should be cleared up at one time and that the evidence on the death Burns should be taken also.

This seems to in fair that it is probable that the remaining 13, was said to be lying close together in the neighbourhood of 64th and sevens, will be recovered by race week, although rescue workers state that they don’t expect to get the pit clear of bodies for a month