Cadeby Disaster Poem


Poem to commemorate the disaster on the first anniversary The Cadeby Disaster

In memory of those who lost their lives

in the Cadeby Pit explosion, July 9, 1912.

How soon a year has passed away,

Since that both glad and fateful day.

Which, first with joy, filled every heart

And then disaster left its mark.

In Conisbrough district – oh, so fair,

stand Ancient Castle ruins there

This had our King and Queen impressed.

And caused them there to take a rest.

`Twas this that filled each heart with glee

Our gracious Majesties to see;

And every voice rang out with cheers,

but soon to be subdued with tears.

That midnight shock was one of fire,

Which twisted men like ropes of wire;

One look sufficient to suffice,

That God knew best the sacrifices.

And still like wind the bosoms sigh,

And tears like raindrops fill the eye;

We feel afresh the pain and loss,

Which these few awful hours cost.

Time may blunt the sharpest sting,

But memories will for ever cling.

No one can ever fill their place,

They have left too wide a space

Some of the bravest of our race,

Went down that mine to lend their aid,

Whose members should not be defaced,

But with true heroes take their place.

They may be black and charred with fire,

When brought out from the burning mire.

Dear Lord! It is to thee we pray

That thou has washed their sins away!

Oh gracious God, who knoweth all.

Have mercy on those precious souls

Whose noble lives were freely given

And grant them perfect rest in Heaven


Mrs W. Beardshall

5Station Road Wombwell