Cadeby Disaster Victim – Berry, Willie

July 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 1912

Willie Berry

Funeral of Mr. Wm. Berry

The remains of the late Mr. Willie Berry were interred last Tuesday afternoon, 24th September,at the Conisbrough Cemetery. Deep signs of respect were witnessed as the cortege wended its way down Tickhill Street, the blinds being drawn. Prior to the interment at Conisbrough, a service was held at the Denaby parish Church and was largely attended by friends. This was conducted by the Rev S.F.Hawkes, assisted by the Rev. J.W. Tunnicliffe. The Rev. S.F.Hawkes officiated at the graveside.

Mr. Berry was a well-known and highly respected man and was buried with every manifestation of deep regret. The St John’s Ambulance Brigade (of which deceased was a member) were in attendance, under the supervision of Sergeant Major Power and 4th Officer W.V.Simpson. The members of the Nursing Division were also in attendance. The coffin, which was borne by members of the Brigade, was of polished pitch pine, panelled and with brass furniture.

The chief mourners include: Mrs. Berry (widow), Mr. A.E.Berry, Mr and Mrs. John Berry, Miss Popsy Berry (grand-daughter), Miss Berry and Master Jesse Berry, Mr George Mapes (Chesterfield), Mrs Crookes, Mrs B.Berry, Mr A.Berry (nephew), Mr B.Berry, Miss E.Berry (neice), Miss Emma Berry, Mr. and Mrs. J.Scott, Mr and Mrs A.Rothery, Mr W.Rothery and Miss Rothery, Mr and Mrs. A Hilton, Mr. & Mrs Allen Hilton, Mr & Mrs W.Hilton, Mr & Mrs W.Hilton, Mr & Mrs A.Smalley (Wombwell Main), Mr & Mrs B.Hilton, Mrs Donovan (Dewsbury) Mr & Mrs T.Mitchell (Bolton on Dearne), Mrs Hayes (Dodworth), Mrs Beevors (Darton), Mrs Lumb, Mrs Fallas (Horbury), Mr & Mrs Potts (Wombwell) Mr W.Smalley (Wath), Mr F.Diggle (Wombwell), Mr & Mrs Wallace (Maltby), Miss Milburn (Newcastle), Mr & Mrs Stanger (Stairfoot), Mr & MRs W.Johnson, Mrs J.Cooper, Mrs F.Barlowe, Mrs E.Wells (Conisbrough), Mrs Richardson, Mr J.Milage, Mr James Roberts, Mr G.Haigh and Mr T.W.Mosby, also members of the Conisbrough branch of the Sheffield Equalided Order of Druids. Wreaths were sent from “Wife”, “Family”, “Topsy”, “Cadeby Rescue Team” Mr & Mrs E.Dutton, Mr & Mrs R.Munting, Mrs B.Berry, Mrs Barlowe, Mrs Hemsworth, Mr & Mrs Smalley, Mr & Mrs Corney and flowers from Mr & Mrs Johnson, Mrs Alpine, Mrs Kerr, Mrs Fallas, Mrs Lumb, Mrs Crookes and Mrs Sleaford. The whole of the funeral arrangements were efficiently carried out by Mr.G.L. Robinson Willie Berry was an Americanbornin Pensylvania.

He lived with his 45 year old wife Anna, from Barugh Green They had been married for 25 years.

They had 3 Children; Alfred Edward, a 23 year old Mills Dealer, 18 year old daughter May and 2 year old son Jason Allen.


Willie Berrys´s Gravestone Inscription :


In loving memory of

Willie Berry

who was killed in the Cadeby disaster

July 9 th 1912

interred Sept 24 th 1912

aged 47 years

Also John George Berry

father of the above

who died April 14 th 1909

aged 67 years