Cadeby Disaster Victim – Carroll, Arthur

July 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 12 July 1912

Cadeby Victims. Death-Roll Raised To 86.

The most striking development of the story of the Cadeby Main Colliery disaster to-day was an advance in the death roll, which brings the estimated total number of victims now up 86.

In addition to the 71 bodies recovered, is officially believed that there are 15 still in the pit, and, although the list cannot of course be taken as absolutely definite, there is only too much reason to believe that it is correct.

Identifications Completed.

The melancholy work of identifying the bodies that have been recovered is now complete. There was a repetition of the sad scenes of the two previous days, as sorrowing relatives proceeded to the temporary mortuary for the purpose of trying to recognise their lost ones.

In many cases identification was difficult matter, owing to the terrible nature of the injuries.

The bodies identified today were those of:

Robert Peel Bungard (21), Willow Street, Conisborough.

Thomas Samuel Williams (36), 55, Maltby Street, Denaby.

Robert. William Chapman (37), 7, Dupton’s Row, Conisborough.

George Heptinstall (28), 85, Clifton Street, Denaby.

William Ackroyd (49), Alexandra Buildings, Conisborough.

Arthur Carroll (25), 58, Loversall Street, Denaby.

William Charles Davies (26). 9. Drabble’s Yard, (’onisbro’ (died in hospital). Charles Johnson (33). 78, Cliff View, (died hospital).

Tom Sanders (51), deputy, 60, Cliff View, Denaby.

  1. Gascoigne (22), 9. Loversall Street, Denaby.

Thomas Wraithmell (53). Tickhill Square, Denaby.

Wraithmell, who was the last victim to be identified had suffered shocking injuries. The upper part of his face and also one of his foot, were blown away.

The identification of victims after a disaster of this kind always presents difficulties, and it is not surprising that mistakes should be made when the features have been rendered almost unrecognisable. On Wednesday the of identifications included the name of W. Davies, of Drabble s Yard, Conisborough, but it was found yesterday that the body believed to beo his was that of Arthur Carroll, of Loversall Street, Denaby. One of the two bodies hitherto unidentified at the hospital was established as that of Davies and the other was identified as Charles Johnson.