Cadeby Disaster Victim – Fletcher, John

July 1912

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 20th 1912

John Fletcher

Funeral – Denaby Cemetery, Friday. The Rev. S.F. Hawkes officiating.

Mourners :- Mr. Thomas Soar ( stepson ), Mrs. E. Fletcher ( widow ), Mr. Wm. Osborne ( stepson ), Mrs. Mannion ( sister-in-law ), Mr. Brammah, Mr. and Mrs. J. Brett.

Wreath from :- ” Mrs. Jackson.”

At the time of the Census in 1911, John Fletcher lived with his wife of 19 years, Elizabeth, aged 53 years and from Heanor in Derbyshire.

Also living with them was their Son in law William Osborne, aged 33, a marine store dealer, also from Heanor. John Fletchercame from Langley in Derbyshire