Cadeby Disaster Victim – Richardson, Frederick

July 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 20, 1912

Fred Richardson

31 Tickhill Square, Denaby Main.

Funeral – Conisbrough Cemetery, Saturday. Priest – Rev. W.A. Strawbridge.

Mourners: Mrs. Richardson ( widow ), Mr. F. Richardson ( son ), Miss Doris Richardson ( daughter ), Mr. and Mrs. J. Oates, Mr. H. Richardson ( brother ), Mrs. E. Hatfield, Mr. James Stead, Mr. F. Brooke, Miss S.A. Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. H. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Hallas, Mr. and Mrs. Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Brookes, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Kitson, Mrs. Harwood, Mr. and Mrs. A, Higgins, Mrs. Booth, Mr. G. Booth, Mrs. N.J. Shepherd, Mr. G. Fletcher, Mrs. F. Walker, Mr. T. Maddison, Mr. G. Halmshaw, Mr. T. Slater, and others.

A large number of Conisbrough Druids attended.

Wreaths :-

” From Wife and Family,”

” Mr. and Mrs, Hanley,”

” Mrs. Bury,” ” Mrs. Newton,” and

” Mr. and Mrs. N. Brookes.”

Children´s Claim.


Children’s Claim

In the other case, Mary Smith, of 31, Tickhill Street, who had been living with Fred Richardson who was killed, claimed in respect to two children, a son and a daughter, now 21 and 11 years respectively.

The applicant said she was a married woman but left her husband Phillip Smith 22 years ago, since when she had been living with the deceased as his wife. He earned 30/- per week. The boy, who was 21, had worked at the pit, but had had to give up owing to ill-health. He was now an insurance agent and earning 13/- per week.

Mr. Gichard submitted that there was no total dependency in regard to the son, and with regard to the daughter only partial dependency.

His Honour made the maximum award in respect to the girl, £300, and allowed £5 for current expenses and 12/- per week.

Addressing Mrs. Smith, His Honour said she must give him an undertaking that she would expend the money for the benefit of the child. It was given to the child and not for anyone else.