Cadeby Disaster Victim – Wraithmell, Thomas

July 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 20 July 1912

Tom Wraithmell

17, Tickhill Square, Denaby Main.

Funeral Saturday, at Denaby Cemetery.

Priests, Reverend J Brookes (Selby), Rev S.F.Hawkes

Mourners: Mrs. Wraithmell (widow). Dora and Cyril (son and daughter), Mr. and Mrs. Coy (son and daughter) Phyllis Joy (grandchild), Mr and Mrs R Wraithmell, (brother and sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs Summerscales (sister) Mr and Mrs Backhouse Wraithmell, Mr Edwin Wraithmell and Mrs Wraithmell, Miss Wraithmell (sister), Mrs P’s (sister), Mr and Mrs Summerscales, Mr and Mrs S Wolstenholme, Mr and Mrs S Coates, Mrs Chortley, Mr and Mrs Walter, Mr Randall Wraithmell, Mr H Wraithmell, Mr and Mrs Cooper, Mrs L Coates, Mr E Wraithmell, Mr Henry Holroyd, Miss L Coates, Mr Kitson all right, Mr Sam all right, Mr Sidney Coates, Mrs Alice Oates, Mr Brown, Mr a Scargill, Mr and Mrs W Hirst (Darfur), Mrs Atkinson, Mr William Atkinson, Mr Randolph Summerscales, Mr E Summerscales, Mrs Dyson and son, Harry Dyson, Lewis Dyson, Mrs M Lunn, Mr Summerscales, Mrs Lumb (Darfield), Mrs Fowler (Conisborough), Mr T Coy, Mrs G Coy, Mr Percy Bury, Mr T Soar, Mr W Astbury, Mrs Burton, Mrs Hewitt, Mr David Burton, Mr Robinson Burton, Miss May Turner, Mr and Mrs C Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs Thompson, Mr and Mrs Peters, Mr H Lapridge, master J Backhouse Wraithmell, Mr and Mrs J blackouts, Mr and Mrs Moses Soar, Miss Budd, Miss Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. L. Robinson. Mrs. Bury. Miss May Turner, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hutchinson. Mrs. Oates. Miss Corney. Miss P. Coy, Mrs. Hewitt. Mrs. Burton. Mr. Lappridge, Mr. J. Backhouse Wraithmell Mr. Everitt, Mrs. Stones. Mr. and Mrs. Parton. Mr. I. Wimpenny. and Mr. and Mrs. Turner.


At the 1911 Census, Thomas Wraithmell was living with his wife of 26 years, Rachel aged 51.

Their family consisted of son Cyril (19), a clipper in the Coal Mine and a daughter Dora aged 23.

Also in the house was his brothers wife Martha Ann ( 55) and grand daughter Ethel Wraithmell aged 4 months. Finally 2 boarders, Dennis Summerscales (49) and Marlborough Lunn (28) lived with them

 Victim Wraithmell 2