Cadeby Feast

August 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 12, 1898

Cadeby Feast

The inhabitants of the little village of Cadeby have been having high jinks this last week, it being the occasion of their annual feast.

At this feast one does not find what seems to be a necessary adjunct to all our modern feasts, namely, ghost shows, boxing saloon. , steam merry go rounds etc. No this feast is one of the old-fashioned English feasts! That is, a little innocent recreation; harmless fun, and plenty to eat and drink. This season’s festivities commenced on Saturday, when a cricket match had been arranged to take place between the enginemen and banksmen and, screenmen at the Cadeby Main Colliery Unfortunately the day was very wet, and, the match had to be abandoned. The party to the number of 26, then adjourned to the house of Mrs. Bacon, where a grand knife and fork tea had been provided.

After the party adjourned to a barn which had been specially cleaned out. The music was supplied by the Cadeby Violin Society, and the refreshments by Messrs. Camms. Mr. A. Dickinson was elected chairman and M.C. The proceedings commenced with a dance, but whether it was a polka or a waltz has not been definitely settled, one-half the dancers contending it was a polka, and the other half say it was a waltz.

Mr. J. Shuker then favoured the company with a song, entitled “I don’t care if I dew.” This famous by cyclist was loudly cheered for his song. Mr. J. Marshall, the Cadeby bard, then fairly electrified-the company by his singing’ of the song, compose by himself, entitled ” The patent machine.”. Mr. Frank Canun gained loud applause by his correct rendering of “The Jerusalem cuckoo.” Other songs were given by Messrs. J. Marshall, junr, and J. Boylan. Dancing was kept up until about 11 o’clock.

Undoubtedly the chief feature of the evening was thie singing of the  “Cadehy bard;” and the fine music (?) by those to violinists.