Called “Hubby” A Little Pig – Conisborough Woman’s Peculiar Plea.

October 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 08 October 1910

Called “Hubby” A Little Pig.

Conisborough Woman’s Peculiar Plea.

A meek little woman is Mrs. Sarah Appleyard, of Conisboro’. She was charged with using obscene language on Saturday week, and when asked if she was guilty or not guilty, she clamped her hands together, and, closing her eyes, jerked out the words: “My husband.”

“That’s not telling us,” the Chairman reminded her. “Say ‘yes’ or ‘no.” Sarah again clasped her hands and meekly replied: Well, sir, you see, I don’t like swearing, but the officer mays I swore.” More than that the Chairman could not get from Sarah.

P.c. Knowles told the court that at 10 o’clock on the night in question, Sarah was on Beech Hill, Conisboro’, where she used very bad language to her husband. She ran up and down the road saying all sorts.

“Now, Mrs Appleyard,” said the Chairman, “what have you got to say to that?”

“Well Sir, I only call my husband a little pig,” smiled back the defendant. “He locked me out you know; and Oh! I’m very, very sorry.

Sergeant Ramsey went to big scale in consequence of complaints, corroborated the other officer. Defendant had no questions asked the sergeant stop

“There is no use asking the sergeant anything, because it is so; it is so. I am so very sorry, but I don’t do it often.” Then the little woman closed her eyes again.

The Chairman suggested that if she and her husband wanted to make a disturbing they should go into the house, where they could do what they like.

“Ah,” replied Mrs Appleyard,” but I couldn’t get in this time. (Laughter).

10 shillings inclusive was a penalty imposed, the option being a week at Wakefield. Sarah got a week to pay as her old man had been in bad work lately.