Callous Father – Brutal Treatment of Wife and Children at Denaby.

August 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 26 August 1912

Callous Father.

Brutal Treatment of Wife and Children at Denaby.

John Henry Comer, a glass hand, of Denaby, was charged at Doncaster, on Saturday, with neglecting his four children. Mr. W. Baddeley prosecuted on behalf of the N.S.P.C.C.

It was stated that the neglect had continued over a long period. There was no furniture in the house, beyond one chair, and the food consisted of half a loaf of bread, and a few scraps of bacon. The children were not badly nourished, and the reason was that his wife had been assisted by neighbours and relations.

Inspector Lloyd (N.S.P.C.C.) ‘said the prisoner had been under his observation for two years, and under the notice of the society since 1904. Witness had repeatedly warned him. In consequence of his removals it had been difficult to trace him. On August 16 witness went 58, Doncaster Road, Denaby, where he saw the four children. Prisoner was idle and drunken man, and his employer described him a worthless fellow. The children were removed to the Workhouse.

The wife said her husband had been scapegrace ever since their marriage. He had earned £3 a week at the Glass Works, and the most she had received had been a pound a week. He held given her 17s. 6d. during the last nine weeks, but she had had nothing from him for a month. He had threatened to force her to lead an improper life, and had said he would starve her to it.

The man was committed prison for three months.