Soldier – Calvert, Laurence – Gunshot Wound

October 1915

Mexborough Times, October 2nd 1915

Cpl Laurence Calvert, Conisbrough,

Mrs Beatrice Calvert, 19 Beech Hill, Conisbrough, has received official information that her son, Cpl Laurence Calvert, 23 years of age,who hasbeen on active service in France, had suffered a gunshot wound in the left arm, and was admitted to the Eastern Gen Hospital, Brighton, on September 27th.

Previous to the outbreak of war, Laurence Calvert was a member of the territorials. On mobilisation, he proceeded to the Whitby Camp, and was sent to France last April. He says that the nurses are Sisters of Mercy, and their kindness and attention should compensate any soldier for the hardship’s he may have to suffer.

He has been eight successive days in the trenches without a wash or shave. In a letter to his widowed mother. He states that he is progressing very favourably.

Walter S Calvert, leading instructor Seaman, stationed at the Crystal Palace, London. He is 27 years of age, and had completed five years naval service before the war commenced. He rejoined the Navy last June.

He has served on board three of his Majesty’s famous warships, namely, the “Aboukir,” the “Goliath”and the “Majestic” all of which have since been sunk. He was a seaman on HMS Aboukir which escorted Queen Alexandra from Ginola on the death of the late King Edward VII.

Mrs Calvert possesses many interesting curios which had been sent to her by her sons, including a ring made from shrapnel, charms, bullets, photos etc.