Canal Rescues – Councillor Who Saved Two People

August 1937

Leeds Mercury – Thursday 12 August 1937

Canal Rescues 
Conisborough Councillor Who Saved Two People 

An illuminated address was presented to-night, at Conisborough Urban Council  meeting, to Mr. Edward Brindley, of Barnborough  Street, Denaby, for rescuing a boy,  Douglas Gray, from the canal at Mexborough.

Mr. John Humphries, member of the Council, revealed that a brother of his lost his life by drowning in the same place where Brindley performed his plucky deed.  Another Councillor, Mr. T. Shephard, mentioned that he himself once rescued two people from drowning in one day, one of the people being another brother of Mr.  Humphries.

Brindley, who was stated to have had to extricate Gray from barbed wire which was holding him to the bed of the canal, said  he only did his duty, and would do so  again.