Cannibalism in Conisbrough


1874 December 4th

Cannibalism near Doncaster

In the Doncaster County Court yesterday, Michael Joseph Rhody sued Robert Wood for £10 for damages caused by the defendant biting off part of the plaintiff´s ear.

The parties live at Conisbrough, on the 13th of sept, met and quarrelled at a public house.

Words and then blows ensued, and while defendants had the plaintiff on the floor, he bit the lobe of his ear off.

Defendant admitted he bit plaintiff´s ear, but said he did so to make their plaintiff cease strangling him.

His honour remarked if the plaintiff had claimed £30 he would have given it to him, it was such a “brutal, cannibal, shameful, and cowardly” action.

Judgement was therefore given for the plaintiff with costs.